Frequently Asked Questions

What rights do I transfer to Siemens when I submit a proposal idea or a full research proposal?

By participating in the Call for Proposals you do not transfer any rights to Siemens. Siemens is, however, entitled to use your proposal idea as set out in the "Terms and Conditions"

Why do I need to sign an NDA after having qualified for the submission phase?

The confidentiality agreement is necessary because the detailed research questions which you can view during the submission phase are of a confidential nature and Siemens would like to assure that they are protected. We also recommend that you only submit confidential material to Siemens after having signed the NDA. For details see "About the contest".

I am professor at one of the best universities in the world. Why should I go through the "Qualification" process

All universities in the world should have the same chance to be the most appropriate partner for a research collaboration with Siemens. If your qualification is declined this does not mean that we disrespect the qualification of your research.

Why is Siemens not simply publishing its research questions on the first page of the contest webpage. This would help me to better adapt my proposal to the Siemens needs.

The research questions are of a confidential nature. Several detailed research questions are published on the Secure Collaboration Wiki space, which you get access to, after having qualified and having signed an NDA regarding the confidential research partnership for the purpose of this contest.

The goal is to bring together the best of both sides, your proposal idea and our research needs.

Why is not everybody invited to submit a full research proposal?

We respect your time and effort. It takes a significant amount of time to write a full proposal and it is thus frustrating if it is not accepted. To write a proposal idea with 500 words is the least possible effort for you which nevertheless allows us to decide if we want to go in more detail with you.

I have already submitted my proposal idea but want to change it. Is this possible?

No, the proposal idea cannot be edited. Only the full proposal can be edited and fine tuned.

Can I qualify for more than one research topic cluster?

Theoretically yes, one after the other. Are you sure that you are on a world-class level in more than one of these Research Topic Clusters?

My research field covers more than one Reasearch Topic Cluster. What should I do?

Just select the most relevant Research Topic Cluster. We will involve the right experts within Siemens to evaluate your proposal idea, even in cross-cluster cases.

Who is allowed to participate?

Everybody who works for a university is allowed to participate, in particular professors, post-docs, scientists and PhD students.

Is it possible to do the planned research as a PhD-student at a Siemens site?

Yes, if Siemens and the university agree to this form of collaboration and if the infrastructure for the research is more suitable at the Siemens site than at the university.

Why are there two web-platforms, the contest platform AND the secure collaboration wiki?

For the collaboration during the research cooperation we will use the secure collaboration wiki. The same platform is also used for the confidential proposal submission and the fine-tuning of the proposal in collaboration with Siemens. For security reasons and usability reasons this platform is not appropriate for the qualification process.
Therefore: Step A “Registration” and Step B “Qualification” is still done at the contest platform – those who participated at the public idea contest can use the same account. Step C "Submission" is then done on the secure collaboration wiki.

More than 10 days ago, I have submitted my Request for Qualification (500 words proposal idea). I have still not been informed if I am selected for submitting a full reasearch proposal or not.

The corresponding Siemens Research Topic Responsible tries to answer you as fast as possible. In some cases like business trips, urgent project needs or vacation it can happen that the reply takes more than 10 working days. The platform sends automatically a reminder to this person and informs the contest project manager in such a case. You can be sure that we do our best to inform you as soon as possible.

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