Pictures from the Award Ceremony in Berlin

Meet the Winners

"Multy-Agent System for Operation of a Smart Grid"
"Autonomous Distributed Power System Restoration"

from:Logenthiran Thillainathan

National University of Singapore, (Singapore)

Personal Impressions About the Contest:

"I am very happy to have participated in such a highly prestigious innovation contest. The global reach of the contest, with its transparent organization and unbiased jury, will further accelerate the development of Smart Grid".

Jury Statement:

"Very interesting topic which is intensively discussed at conferences and business entities.
The black start capability of a multi-agent system is critical for the success of this architectural paradigm.
We were impressed that three ideas of Logenthiran made it to the top 20 ideas."

"Smart Grids - comparison or regulatory approaches and their implications on business models"

from:Christian Huder

EIT ICT Labs, (Germany)

Jury Statement:

"The regulatory issues are of great relevance for the future of the smart grids.
This information could generate real business value for enterprises operating in this field."

"Integrated Modular Architecture for Distribution Automation"

from:Slobodan Matic

University of California, Berkeley, (USA)

Personal Impressions About the Contest:
"Coming from a university, it was great to see a huge company like Siemens organizing an open innovation contest. Indeed, the contest was immensely interactive, transparent and global. It also seemed that the right balance between popular and jury vote was achieved. I felt that the entire contest organization was flawless, including all events during the award ceremony. I particularly liked the visit to Siemens Technik Akademie. Also, hearing about future Siemens plans in the Smart Grid area, made me thinking where our common interests are. I will certainly recommend to my colleagues all future editions of the Siemens innovation contests."

Jury Statement:

"A conceptional interesting architecture approach which follows a log term strategy.
It will still be a challenge to set up this concept robustly in a real network environment and will take considerable
efforts to standardize the distributed automation architecture."

"Advanced Demand Response Behavioral Gamification"

from:Vasilis Nikolopoulos

Intelen, (Greece)

Personal Impressions About the Contest:
"It was a great experience from a leading multinational company that applied in a unique way Open Innovation principles and methods. The awards ceremony was a successful mix of high level networking, introduction to Siemens innovative divisions and a first contact with important people from Siemens Corporate Technology department. An unforgettable experience that triggered us with some new innovative ideas regarding the Smart Grid domain..."

Jury Statement:

"There is an impressive potential to drop consumption based on social media and gaming.
This social media gaming solution can yield surprising acceptance of demand response solutions - in particular of generation Y"

Most Valuable Contributers

Niels Mast


Donatas Gatavynas


Personal Impressions About the Contest:
"A laudable statement of Siemens' commitment towards both smart grid – an indispensable part of the global energy transition – and open innovation.
As phase 1 participant I enjoyed exchanging and discussing ideas among all corners of the world - be it about technology, economy, markets or regional context - in an event that was professionally bolstered from start to finish.
Clearly, Siemens is aimed to continue its role in leading the world towards a bright energy future."

Personal Impressions About the Contest:
"I very much enjoyed participating in this contest, where I got the chance to get to know people from all the corners of the world. Our meeting with all the winners, together with the Siemens organizing team in the wonderful city of Berlin, will always represent for me a memorable experience."

Shmuel Goldfisher


Joao Batista Gomes


Personal Impressions About the Contest:
"The SGIC was an event to remember. The thrill of the contest, the personal connections and new people I met reached to their top when I finally met in-person some of the people I've spend hours in online discussions. The numerous topics which were included in our visit to Berlin – beginning with the guided tours to the Siemens sites, the award ceremony and the dinner at the German Parliament – were prepared and organized in an impeccable way. I learned a lot during this experience, and I will always treasure it with me."

Personal Impressions About the Contest:
"The Siemens Smart Grid Innovation Contest, had all the best - Organization, Flexibility, High technical level, Good comments, and a Great Ending. Thanks to the staff of Siemens for their support and sympathy!"

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By the end of this month we will finally have a selection of the top ten percent. It will be a tough choice:-)!

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