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Securing Smart Grid using SCADA Application Firewall

Short description
Bayshore's SingleKey is a multi-protocol Information Assurance Firewall leveraging proprietary Layer 7 application protection technologies and is deployed at high-end customers in the defense, government, and financial services verticals. SingleKey can provide bullet-proof security at the data centers of any smart grid operators and utilities. Bayshore's SingleKey Industrial Edition is a custom-built SCADA firewall that supports many ICS protocols such as C12.19. It has a small form factor that is well suited to be deployed in front of sensors and controllers to provider Layer 7 application filtering.

Key benefits
1) End to End security from sensors to controllers to data centers
2) No need to make changes to legacy ICS devices.

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Smart grid security SCADA security application firewall building automation security




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Submitted on: 15.06.2011