Welcome to the Siemens Smart Grid Innovation Contest: Join the grid - energize the world.

Join the global community and contribute with ideas on Smart Grid

  • new business models that change the game,
  • applications for new customer benefits,
  • disruptive technologies to enable a smarter world.

...comment and vote the ideas of the community...
...and get rewarded with:
  • attractive prizes for participants: 15 000 euros and more.
  • excellent career perspectives at Siemens,
  • funded collaboration with leading university partners: 1 million euros.

We from Siemens want to get in touch with you and jointly speed up open innovation. Contribute your ideas and market insights in competition but also in cooperation with a large community of Smart Grid experts around the globe.

Siemens has a budget of more than 1 000 000 euros in order to translate your ideas into innovation by collaborating with universities. Siemens also aims to translate the resulting mature innovations into products, services and solutions and is therefore planning additional significantly larger investments.

Join the grid - energize the world.
Support the idea of an environmentally friendly smarter power grid.
The following topics provide you with detailed information about the contest:

What is the Siemens Smart Grid Innovation Contest about?

In 2005 the European Union adopted the "Smart Grid" concept - a vision of intelligent, flexibly controllable electrical generation, distribution and consumption. Today Siemens globally provides technologies for this market and has demonstrated its capabilities in various projects. The breakthrough of Smart Grid applications strongly depends on attractive business models which combine the technologies and economic benefits for all stakeholders.
This contest aims at generating and further developing ideas into business models that have a great potential to contribute to a more customer-oriented and sustainable Smart Grid market, and making this a reality in the mid-term or even short-term.

Therefore the contest is divided into two phases:

Phase 1: Idea Contest (public)

The Idea Contest lasts from April 13 to May 31, 2011 and is about collaborative idea development. Comments from different perspectives sharpen ideas in open online discussions.

It is irrelevant whether you have a great deal of experience in the energy sector, as long as you have a creative, business-oriented imagination. The most interesting ideas will be selected by the Idea Contest Jury and rewarded, with a total of 15 000 euros in prize money. These ideas will serve as basis for the closed Call-for-Proposals.

Phase 2: Call-for-Proposals (for universities)

The Call-for-Proposals will be published on October 4, 2011 on this platform. The Proposals can be submitted from October 4 to November 30, 2011. Participants must be university staff (e.g. professors, post-docs, PhD students) or potential PhD students. The participant must be willing to conduct either a research cooperation project with Siemens or write a PhD dissertation, or to set up a start-up with Siemens seed-financing. Winners will get the necessary budget to realize their proposed research.

This investment of 1 000 000 euros aims to develop the ideas into mature and realistic innovations. Further investments will be made if Siemens decides to develop a product or service based on these ideas.

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Registration at the Siemens Smart Grid Innovation Contest

In order to actively participate in the Siemens Smart Grid Innovation Contest, you are invited to register with just a few clicks for this event. As a registered user you can contribute your ideas, become eligible for prizes as well as read, evaluate and comment on other ideas. To finalize your registration, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions of Phase 1. For Phase 2 (the Call-for-Proposal) there will be a separate set of Terms and Conditions..

For registration, you must take the following steps:

  1. Login information (mandatory)
  2. Personal information (optional), can also be imported from Facebook.
  3. Recommendation of the contest to your online networks (optional)
  4. Agreement with the Terms and Conditions of the contest (mandatory)
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The Idea Contest (Phase 1)

The following paragraphs describe details for the Idea Contest (Phase 1). The Call-for-Proposal (Phase 2) for universities will be published on October 4, 2011.

How does the Idea Contest work?

The contest is based on a user-friendly online platform. You can...
  • ...contribute new ideas and continuously improve your idea(s) by taking other people's feedback into account (update your ideas).
  • ...comment on other ideas and sharpen these (constructive feedback).
  • on other ideas, either on a general level (1 to 5 stars) or on a detailed level for 5 separate categories (ranking of ideas).
  • ...share the contest and its ideas with your online networks with the help of a number of social media interfaces such as Facebook share
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Idea submission

The Siemens Smart Grid Innovation Contest focuses on new ideas. We are looking for essentially new ideas that could be implemented in the near future. Expected is a clear description of your idea which should incorporate country-specific issues like: regulatory conditions, market drivers, customer behavior and/or other regional circumstances, which influence implementation and business for a Smart Grid roll-out.

The submission of ideas is really simple. You may enter your idea with the help of an easy-to-use submission procedure that is self-explanatory.

Only provide non-confidential information.

For the submission of your idea, you follow these steps:
  1. Work on your idea, give your idea a clear title, choose one or more categories your idea belongs to ("demand response", "microgrid", "virtual powerplant", "energy sinks / energy storage", "electro-mobility", "energy brokering" or "others" for any undefined category).
  2. Describe your idea in an understandable way in the fields provided (title of the idea, short description, key benefits).
  3. Add links or upload supporting material (e.g. business plan, drawing, photo) that helps to understand your idea and its potential. Illustrated ideas have been proven to attract far more visitors. If you have already applied for a patent regarding your idea, you need to upload the first page of the patent application.
  4. Choose tags for your idea and/or relate your idea to others.
  5. 5. Preview and submit your idea (you can update your idea later taking other people's feedback into account or add additional thoughts or pictures from your side).

You can of course submit more than one idea.
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Idea evaluation

You may comment other ideas in the Idea Contest (Phase 1) and thereby help to improve them. With your votes and comments, you support the Jury that will select the winners after the end of the Siemens Smart Grid Innovation Contest. You can also win prizes (see "Most Valuable Contributor") for giving helpful comments to others. You can vote for an idea only once, but you may update your evaluation.
Apart from that, it is useful to complete your profile by uploading a picture and adding a short status message. Only if you have uploaded a picture, your profile will appear in the "latest members" section on the "home"-page after your registration!

There are two levels of idea evaluation:

  • Intuitive Evaluation:
    State whether you like or dislike the idea of other contestants through an intuitive vote. You may indicate your evaluation of an idea by assigning 1 to 5 stars to the idea. The average rating is displayed in the idea pool.
  • Detailed Evaluation:
    Evaluate the ideas in detail based on the specified criteria. This detailed evaluation is carefully considered for the final evaluation. You can evaluate the idea on the basis of the following criteria:
    1. fit to topic,
    2. innovativeness
    3. business potential,
    4. quality of description,
    5. sustainability and relevance for society.

Your idea will also be evaluated by Siemens experts responsible for rating and evaluating submissions and selecting entries in preparation for the Jury.back to top


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The Idea Contest (Phase 1) lasts from April 13, 2011 to May 31, 2011. After May 31, 24:00 CEST, new entries can still be submitted on the website, but will not be considered for awards. In July 2011 the Jury will select the 5 winners and the 3 most valuable contributors.

In October 2011 the winners and most valuable contributors will be invited to Berlin to exchange their ideas with their colleagues and Siemens experts and management.

The Call-for-Proposals (Phase 2) will be published on October 4, 2011 and the Proposals can be submitted from October 4 until November 30, 2011. Jury decision and announcement of the winners will take place in January 2012.

Who organizes this contest?

The Siemens Smart Grid Innovation Contest is organized by the Siemens Smart Grid Company Project in cooperation with Siemens' Chief Technology Office (Open Innovation and University & Research Cooperation). Siemens aims to communicate and collaborate in partnership and invites you to be part of this open innovation approach. back to top

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By the end of this month we will finally have a selection of the top ten percent. It will be a tough choice:-)!

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