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Smart Meter Residential

Short description
Some forecast tell us that the electricity consumption will increase approximately 20% in the next 20 years (see smart energy Microchip Brochure.pdf at and with this situation the governments and the electrical companies not only need to focus in the electricity generation and transmission but also in preparing the people to safe energy, making the population aware of the problem to them get more conscious that we are in the middle of a lack of natural resources. In the other hand the world is asking the benefits of nuclear energy after the accident that occurred this year at Fukushima ? Japan.

Taking a ride on this we are launching a revolutionary equipment, the Smart Meter. With this equipment we intend helping the people to safe energy and contributing a lot with the environment.

How will we do that? Our equipment is a digital electricity meter that will be installed together the house's energy distribution pane. It will read the voltage and current during all the day through 2 Hall sensors, these information will be sent to a microcontroller PIC family 24F that will be responsible to make calculations of the power consumed (active, reactive and apparent power). The equipment will also have a ZigBee module that will be responsible to send information via radio frequency of remote equipments to the PIC.

The users can access the Smart Meter through an Internet page or via wireless devices. It?ll be possible to control the circuits with the Zigbee module, turning them off while the equipments are on stand-by mode, saving energy during this time (estimations show us that stand-by equipments can consume up to 10% of energy).

Our proposal is to integrate the Smart Meter with the Google Power Meter Software, that will facilitate the customer to extract daily, monthly and annual reports from the system.

The electricity companies can also acquire a module that can contain a GPRS interface that will send the consumption information to the Power Central Office using the mobile cell infrastructure, occurring in no need expenses of human in reading the power consumption in the residences.

Align innovation, imagination and technical knowledge we intend changing the way that the humans spend energy. They can also convert the savings of carbon emissions in carbon credits in the financial market. We want to convince everybody that saving energy we are saving money and consequently saving our planet.

Key benefits
Save money, energy and environment. Make the control to the consumer

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Submitted on: 15.06.2011