4 Things To Remember When Letting Your Children Sleep In Their Own Bedroom

Bedrooms are the most private and cozy place in everyone’s home. Besides, given that young children spend most of their time at home, this place does play a vital role in the overall development of them.

1. A Baby Should Sleep In Their Own Bedroom When They Are 6 Months Old

According to recent researches, the proper time to let babies sleep by themselves is when they are a half year old.

Many parents opt for giving their kids private spaces since they are 4 months old. But this can cause inconvenience in the babycare routine, especially when it comes to night breastfeeding.

However, separating sleeping babies from parents doesn’t mean weaning. Instead, babies should be breastfed till they are one year old.

2. How To Make Baby’s Own Bedroom An Ideal Sleeping Environment

The bedroom should be clean and cool

It is essential for the deep slumber and physical growth of the baby if they get to sleep in a tidy, airy environment. The children’s bedroom should be cleaned regularly, and the adult should not smoke at home.

Besides, for the baby’s room, the average temperature should be between 26 and 28 Celsius degrees (or 72 – 87 Fahrenheit degrees).

The bedroom should be out of toys at night

Toys are prevalent in every baby’s house. However, engrossed in playing with the toy in the evening may keep the baby awake even at late.

For the baby to have the smooth slumber in their own space, all the toys should be kept far from their grasp.

The bedroom should be sound free but not soundproof

The baby can easily be wakened at night with loud sounds, that is why their bedroom and the house need to be quiet when they sleep.

Moreover, the parents should design the children’s bedroom in a way  that they can hear their babies crying or shouting as they wake up.

3. How To Make Children Sleep Deeply And Safely In Their Bedroom

Dress the children simply

Dressed with thin and soft clothes means the kids can enjoy the smoothness of the bed better without being overheated. For babies to turn in easily and deeply, parents should not wrap them in many layers of clothes. The simpler the safer.

Provide the babies with a dummy

For babies who are still breastfed, it is more difficult to sleep in their own bedrooms as having nothing in their mouth might damper their mood. In this case, give your babies a dummy and they will fall asleep smoothly.

Train your children on back sleeping

It is proved that tummy sleeping can cause suffocation in some cases, which is perilous for the children when sleeping alone. In order to sleep safely on their own, babies need to avoid lying on their stomach as much as possible.

4. If There Is Not A Separate Bedroom For The Baby, What Should Parents Do?

One bedroom many beds

If you and your children share the same bedroom, there should be at least two beds there. A baby that is over 6 months old should be independent of parents on turning in.

If the room is not large enough for more than one bed, it is fine to get just a crib.

Prepare digital gadget-free bedroom in the evening

It is typical for young parents to utilise digital devices most of their time, especially when they are at home. However, the light from the gadget monitor makes the brain awake regardless of the juvenile or adult.

Therefore, the family should not use television, smartphone, or laptop, and other devices in the bedroom, especially right before bedtime.

Prepare water and milk bottles in the bedroom

It is ordinary that in the early years of life, the children depends on their parents. But when your baby is old enough to sleep separately, you should make them more independent, at least during their slumber.

2-year-old or 3-year-old toddlers usually have dreams and wake up at midnight for a while, when they need water or milk to calm them down and back to sleep. Prepare these in advance for your children to feed themselves.

Store the baby’s toys outside the bedroom

As mentioned above, toys should not be put at the place where babies sleep.


It needs time and work for parents to get their babies to sleep in their own bedroom without having any tantrums. The best thing that parents can do is to provide them with comfortable spaces to sleep.